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Horizont summed people’s emotions for the VW Transporter up well:

For its drivers, the VW Transporter is much more than just a vehicle: depending on the owner, it is a good friend, a toy or a kind of home. In any case, every driver has a very special relationship with the commercial vehicle.

In short: people are obsessed with the VW Transporter. They love the damn thing – always have and probably always will. No wonder these cars rarely lose value and even old models are highly sought after.

And no wonder the competition tries to copy the original whenever they can. In a year where VW was still working on the next Transporter generation and had nothing new to communicate to customers, Mercedes-Benz and others were starting to close in. And while they might win the feature wars for half a year – until VW puts them back where they belong – what they will never be able to replicate is the joyful, loving obsession VW’s customers have with the Transporter.

It’s a true original, after all. Or as our ad puts it: most vehicles are used. But ours is loved.

Come closer and see what the byrå can do for you.

Two incredibly beautiful people lovingly looking at each other with a smile.

byrå bergberger was founded by Bernhard Karl Hörlberger and Pia Sternberg Hörlberger in 2020.

Pia is a PR specialist whose main gig at hypr is to give visionary founders a voice. Sometimes she pursues side quests and passion projects with the byrå.

Bernhard is an Art Director, Concept Developer and Designer and links up with an ever-changing armada of copywriters and creative partners to make magic happen for agencies of all shapes and sizes and clients across industries:
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